Huia and Rata Card

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For helping us look after Kemp House which turned 200 years old in 2020!

Two handmade textile items held in the Kemp House Collection are the source of these beautiful designs, one a work bag (Tui) and the other a quilt (Huia).

Both featuring a native bird on richly coloured background, these cotton textiles were manufactured and printed in England c.1900 specifically for the New Zealand market where they were sold as 'Novelty Dress Goods'.

Maori were prominent consumers of bold prints like these, and there was also a burgeoning public interest in the fate of native birds - Huia were still in existence, although critically endangered at this time.

Kemp House was completed in 1822. It was built fir C.M.S missionary Rev. John Butler and family at the Kerikeri Mission Station EST. 1819, under the protection of Ngapuhi rangatira Hongi Hika.

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