Pakeha ta moko

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Explore the hidden history of European men and woman traditionally tattooed by Maori.
In Pakeha Ta Moko, Trevor Bentley examines the extent and significance of Maori and Pakeha tattoo exchanged both on ship and shore between the 1790's and 1840's.

He uncovers the tattooing methods as well as the purpose and significance of the designs.
Bentley examines why and how some captive Pakeha males were forced to receive facial tattoos while others voluntarily crossed cultures and submitted themselves to the ta moko ritual.

Through in-depth research and interviews, Bentley explores this important part of early New Zealand history.

Trevor Bentley has a PhD in history and a long-standing interest in the interaction of Maori and Pakeha in the 19th Centaury New Zealand. His primary interest is the Europeans who entered Maori tribal societies voluntarily as captives. This is Bentley's sixth book to explore this subject.

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