Kawakawa Earrings

  • $3250

Made from reclaimed Rimu cabinetry and then hand painted, these Kawakawa leaf earrings are super cute!

Kawakawa is a herbaceous shrub with knobbly joints and branching stems native to Aotearoa New Zealand. The leaves are heart-shaped, glossy, and often have holes in them, caused by the Kawakawa Looper Moth caterpillar. Used in traditional Rongoa Māori for centuries, Kawakawa is still used today for its healing properties.

Handmade in New Zealand. Posts are surgical steel - good for sensitive ears. While the earrings are finished with beeswax they are not designed to be worn swimming or in the shower.

2.5 cm wide 

Natty aims to evoke and celebrate the natural environment with our product - the Nature range illustrates native NZ flora and fauna and our products strive to celebrate Aotearoa by providing beautiful mementos. Rather than impact on the environment we are always trying to improve our use of natural materials, so we package as lightly as possible and use local suppliers as often as we can. 

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