Practical Beekeeping in NZ

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For more than 25 years Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand has been the bible for New Zealand beekeepers. 

It provides both amateur and professional beekeepers details on honey bee management throughout the year, advice on handling hive products, and information about many other beekeeping subjects.

As well as being a guide for beekeepers, Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand appeals to those interested in apiculture and deciding whether to keep bees, while horticulturalists and farmers find it of particular interest for crop pollination. Given New Zealand's reputation in world beekeeping the book has also been keenly sought after by beekeepers overseas.

Four editions of the book have been published since 1984, including comprehensive updates to include the latest information and developments, particularly on new approaches to beekeeping now the parasitic varroa mite has become established in New Zealand and changed the face of beekeeping forever. This 5th full-colour edition gives new life to an established classic.

Andrew Matheson has had extensive experience as an apicultural consultant and lecturer in many countries, and has written widely on bee science and beekeeping.

Murray Reid is apicultural services manager for AsureQuality, a NZ government-owned company providing food safety and biosecurity services.

Hard Cover Book

19cm x 25cm x 2.5cm

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