Built for Justice - Visits to old North Island Courthouses

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Built for Justice - Visits to old North Island Courthouses takes the reader on a nostalgic journey back to a time when almost every small town had its own small 'palace of justice'. A courthouse, with its distinctive architecture, was a symbol that a small colonial town had passed the 'frontier' mode and had acquired status and was thriving. Not only were these buildings used for court hearings but they often fulfilled many other government administrative functions as well, sometimes being used as the 'de facto' town hall or as a temporary place of religious worship, before churches were built.
Through a combination of photographs, historical research, local and legal anecdotes, and sometimes sensational newspaper accounts, Built For Justice tells the human story behind the courthouse facades and gives these unique and often architecturally attractive buildings their proper place in New Zealand's small town social history.
Terry Carson us a recently retired lawyer, writer and keen amateur historian. 

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