Clarks Mill Tea Towel

  • $1450

This is no ‘run of the mill’ tea towel, its design is from the original ‘Snow Wreath’ flour bags from Clarks Mill, at Maheno, just south of Oamaru.

Clarks Mill is a behemoth of a stone building that turned out the finest and whitest flour during its milling life of over 100 years.

Built around 1865 as part of nearby Totara Estate, Clarks Mill ground wheat on water-powered horizontal mill stones which were replaced with roller machines in the 1890s. Purchased by the Clark Bros from Maheno in 1901, the mill was electrified in the 1930s, continuing to produce the ‘Snow Wreath’ brand of flour into the 1970s.

Clarks Mill is the only originally water-powered mill left, and the intact machinery a superb example of New Zealand’s industrial heritage … well worth a visit.  Check the website for opening times and operating days.

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