Book: First Encounters

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Europeans had no idea what they would find when they first set eyes on Aotearoa. The records they kept of their first encounters with this new land and its Māori inhabitants reveal stories of great wonder, curiosity, misunderstanding and adventure.

First Encounters samples those early journals and reports - from first explorers Abel Tasman in 1642 and Joseph Banks in 1769, through to early settlers like John Logan Campbell in 1840, just as the treaty of Waitangi was coming into force.

This collection of first-hand accounts and illustrations reveals a land vastly different from modern New Zealand, in which these historic figures were laying the foundations for the country of today. 

Gordon Ell is a writer and publisher with a life-long interest in New Zealand's natural and historic heritage. He has written more than 30 books for adults and children. His daughter Sarah Ell is an editor and writer who has also written widely on New Zealand's history and environment. 

16 cm x 24 cm 

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