Honey Collection

  • $1950

Forget milk & honey, think cheese & honey! The Cheese Pairing Honey Collection includes Wild Thyme (aromatic, strong flavour), Blue Borage (floral bouquet, delicate flavour) and Kamahi (distinctive, buttery flavour). Pair up with different cheeses for a truly delicious taste experience.  

Dark in appearance and rich in flavour! The Dark & Honey Collection includes three honeys; Manuka Honey (rich toffee and caramel flavour), Beechwood Honeydew (bold, earthy flavours), Wild Thyme (aromatic, strong flavour). These honeys are dark in appearance, rich in favour and contain high levels of antioxidant and antibacterial activity beneficial for maintaining good health.    

Honey has a natural affinity with tea, The Tea Pairing Collection provides tasting notes and tea pairing suggestions that will delight your senses. Beechwood Honeydew (bold, earthy flavours), Blue Borage (floral bouquet, delicate flavour) and Manuka Honey (rich toffee and caramel flavour).

Certified Organic, Award Winning Honeys made in New Zealand by willing bees.

Each collection contains 3 x 40g net jars

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