Kemp House Lamp Tea Towel Set

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Set of two tea towels depicting the lamp that shines in Kemp House, New Zealand's oldest building. One is in te reo Māori, and the other is in English

Packaged ready to post, the set comes with the story of the lamp:

A lamp continuously shines in Kemp House (1822), New Zealand's oldest building, and has done for a very long time, its light shining through one of the paned glass windows that flank the front door. Kemp family tradition says the lamp was kept lit to guide family members home, whether they were returning by water or overland. Originally powered by whale oil, then kerosene, the lamp was electrified in 1952 - the same time Kemp House was wired for electricity.

Blacksmith James and his wife Charlotte arrived as missionaries in 1819, initially taking up residence in a small cottage near the old Pear Tree, then just a sapling, and moving into what became known as Kemp House in 1832. Keeping the lamp lit started sometime after, and their descendants maintained the tradition until 1974 when Kemp House and all its contents was gifted to Historic Places Trust (now Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga) for the people of New Zealand, by Ernest Kemp, James and Charlotte's great-grandson.

Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga proudly carries on this tradition today as they continue to care for Kemp House, the Stone Store, and the grounds upon which they sit.

Proceeds from the sale of these tea towels go towards the care of Kemp House.

100% Cotton

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