Norfolk Thumb Latch

  • $6500

Norfolk-style thumb-latches were amongst the goods traded from the Church Missionary Store at Kerikeri from 1819, and the Stone Store from 1836. They were used mainly on kitchen, shed and other workplace doors, backed as need might be by iron bolts and deadlocks, the latter either iron-encased box-locks, or wood-encased stock-locks.  Kemp House which is New Zealand's oldest house still has many of these fine examples on the doors and are used every day (see pictures)

 Suffolk pattern thumb-latches, which lack an iron back-plate, were rarely if ever used on the Bay of Islands frontier.

 Norfolk latches stocked by the Stone Store today are hand-forged by Grant Goodwin of Totara North, blacksmith to both the Stone Store and Pompallier conservation projects.  

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