Pipi Earrings

  • $2750

Beautiful earrings made from recycled rimu cabinetry, Pipi come hand-painted in white.

The elusive pipi pokes out its tongue then disappears.                                                   What’s left of the waves foaming around our legs,                                                             while we stand, chasing with our feet, and then hands, bent double in the pipi sands. Summertime. Pipi and fresh buttered bread. Salt on our lips, sand between our toes.

Handmade in New Zealand. Posts are surgical steel – good for sensitive ears. Approx 14mm. While the earrings are sealed and coated they are not designed to be worn swimming or in the shower.

Natty, a collaborative design team from Wellington, “…offers beautiful objects that often nod to the past with a view to the future.”

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