Book: The New Zealand Wars

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Why did the New Zealand wars occur? Who fought them and how did they proceed? And where were these battles fought?

The New Zealand Wars answers these questions in clear text supported by fact boxes and illustrations that make navigating these protracted wars easy. It reveals the major events and people- including the Battle of Gate Pā, Pai Mārire, and figures such as Colonel G.S. Whitmore and Te Kooti.

Building on several previous books, Mathew Wright explains the key facts about these conflicts from 1845 to 1872, with numerous colour images (including battle sites we can visit today).

Mathew Wright is a Wellington based author of over 60 books on a wide rangte of topics for all ages, principally New Zealand history (among them Freyberg and The New Zealand Experience At Gallipoli And The Western Front).

16cm x 24cm 

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