The New Zealand Wars - A Brief History

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The New Zealand Wars - A Brief History by Matthew Wright, tells the tales of the infamous New Zealand wars and why they happened.

From 1845 to 1872 the New Zealand Wars saw battles over both land and sovereignty between the British, Settlers, and allied Maori who even fought other Maori.  They were not a continuous war, but rather a succession of conflicts that stretched from the Bay of Islands to Wellington. 

Even into the early 1880s, the New Zealand Wars remained a cause of major tension.  Today their legacy remains.  Iwi are still seeking redress through the Waitangi Tribunal, and lands are still divided between winners and losers.  Some of the battles were fought in what today are suburban backyards.  Others are reached by country roads, marked with simple memorials.

This book, The New Zealand Wars - A Brief History written by noted Historian Matthew Wright brings to life the Wars, why they happened and where they were fought.

The book includes beautiful photos and illustrations of locations and people involved in the Wars.

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