Heritage New Zealand magazine

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Heritage New Zealand is an award-winning magazine published quarterly by Heritage New Zealand.   Recognised as New Zealand’s leading heritage magazine, it features a wide range of interesting articles on the preservation and conservation of historic buildings and sites, as well as the people who work with them.

The latest issue of Heritage New Zealand magazine is once again full of great articles and stunning photography that celebrate achievements and issues in our rich and valued heritage and history.

In this issue: Raumati Summer 2021

Here's an overview of what's in the current issue ... now with added-value rich content - video!

  • Origin story - How a Kiwi archaeologist helped unearth Stonehenge's secrets.
  • Taste makers - Award-winning wines still produced from the home of a winemaking pioneer (contains rich content).
  • Keeping the faith - What's new in the struggle to retain historic churches.
  • Dream big - A Nelon heritage restoration of epic proportions.
  • The ongoing promise - Two kaitiaki reflect on their connections to Waitangi.
  • With pride - Recognising queer histories.
  • Explore the List - The mana of Whakaotirangi and Hawaiki Iti; Waiuta.
  • Journeys into the past - When in Waiuta; when graffiti becomes 'heritage' (contains rich content).
  • Our heritage, my vision - Jacqueline Leckie on making 'invisible histories' visible.
  • Books, letters and other regular columns.

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