Mauri Ora

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Pearls of wisdom contained in proverbs - whakataukī - have been gifted from generation to generation as an intrinsic part of the Māori world. As powerful metaphors, they combine analogy and cultural history in the most economical of words. Short and insightful, they surprise, engendering reflection, learning and personal growth.

Mauri Ora links whakataukī to key personal virtues idealised across cultures and generations. The virtues - wisdom, courage, compassion, integrity, self-mastery and belief - stem from the science of positive psychology; the study of how to live a better life.

Illustrated throughout with wonderful photographs from an old world, this book draws on traditional wisdom to provide a recipe for personal effectiveness and leadership, and a rewarding connection of Māori knowledge to contemporary thinking about personal happiness and fulfilment.

Peter Alsop grew up in Rotorua with a curiosity about te ao Māori, the Māori world. His work in Wellington, across the public and private sectors, included meeting his Ngāti Porou wife, Airihi Mahuika.  With four young kids and a senior executive role, Peter somehow finds time as a night-time author to pursue his creative dreams.

Hard Cover Book
22cm x 17cm x 3cm

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