Kerikeri Mission Station Seeds

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Harvested from the Kerikeri Mission Station gardens, these heritage seeds will bring a touch of colour to your life.

English-style gardens have been tended at Kerikeri since the missionaries arrived in 1819, and we continue that tradition with these old-fashioned flower varieties.

Seeds available now:

  • Hollyhock - Althaea rosea - From palest pink to deep crimson, the towering hollyhocks that grow from these seeds will impress you every time!  Each seed packet contains a mix of colours, and the plants will grow taller than you.

  • Hibiscus Trionum - Leaves are green and serrated.   The flowers are a lovely soft cream to pale yellow and are approximately 7cm in diameter with a stunning dark centre. A great addition to your borders.  Bees love these big open flowers due to the easy access to pollen.

  • Cardoon - Cardoon is a tender perennial from the same family as globe artichokes, grown as an annual for its young leaf-stalks. Blanch the stems. Tie the leaves together in a bunch and wrap paper or sacking around the stems. Or, form a hill of soil around the stem.

  • Rudbeckia - Coneflowers - Rudbeckia flowers feature a prominent, raised central disc in black, brown shades of green, and in-between tones, giving rise to their familiar common names of coneflowers and black-eyed-susans.

  • White Campion - Silene Latifolia - An upright, semi-evergreen biennial or short-lived perennial with elliptic leaves and clusters of white flowers the White Campion is noted to also be slightly scented in the evening. Rich in Pollen, they attract butterflies and other pollinating insects. 

  • Feverfew - Chrysanthemum parthenium - Remarkably effective at preventing migraine headaches. The plant has light green foliage and clusters of single white daisy-like flowers with yellow centres. The whole plant has a strong bitter taste, can be grown in any soil, even poor soil, thriving better in semi shade.


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