Highwic Tea Towel

  • $1500

Lovingly rendered line drawing of one of Highwic's Gothic gables reproduced on an unbleached cotton tea towel  - an item honouring the past yet inspiring the future!

Right now you can pair it with the Alberton Tea Towel, gift it (or them), or simply hang it in your kitchen and dry the odd dish.

Printed in New Zealand. 100% Cotton

Highwic is the legacy of early colonial Alfred Buckland, a 19th century English immigrant who thrived in this land of new opportunities.

An auctioneer by trade, Buckland started building Highwic on a rise overlooking his 'new market' (modern Newmarket, Auckland’s premier shopping district) in 1862. As Buckland's family increased in size, (he eventually had 21 children across two marriages), so too did his rambling Gothic mansion - to accommodate his children but also as a testament to Buckland’s burgeoning wealth and social status.

Now a treasure trove of high Victoriana with plenty of stories to tell, Highwic is a great place to visit!


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