Bees wax food wrap pack

  • $4100

Pack includes one of each size Bee Wrapt - for all your wrapping needs.  This is a pack of 4 in mixed sizes and patterns.

Bee Wrapt™ Beeswax Infused Reusable Foodwrap keeps food  fresh and delicious.  Bee Wrapt is NZ's original beeswax wrap and are hygienic, breathable, washable and durable. Sustainably produced from cotton fabric and infused with pure NZ beeswax, manuka oil & a native tree resin. Simply hand wash in cool water, air dry and use over and over again. 

Use to cover cheese, bread, sandwiches, vegies, cut fruit, jams and preserves, great for school lunches and fabulous reusable bowl covers. Bee Wrapts last for months and months and months.

Patterns and colours vary, so please specify if there is a particular colour you would like delivered and we will do our best.

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