Decades pop culture trivia

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Containing 140 Question Cards each, these pop culture trivia cards will entertain all generations! Choose which decade you wish to relive and compete against friends and family for the title of a decades trivial master!

Each decade is sold separately and presented in a cardboard gift box

12cm x 9cm x 4.5cm

80's pop culture trivia

Brush up on your knowledge of 80s Pop Culture with this nostalgic trivia quiz!
Warning: Memories of leg warmers and Rubik's cubes may come flooding back.

What 1982 Michael Jackson hit album won an unprecedented 8 Grammy awards?
A Bad                      B Thriller                         C Dangerous                           D Off The Wall

90's pop culture trivia

Trying to bring back Tamagotchis and frosted tips? Take a trip down memory lane and test your knowledge of 90s pop culture with this entertaining trivia quiz!

What Nickeloden goo came in a splat shaped container?
A Gak                     B Play-Doh                       C Gunk                                    D Goop

21st century pop culture

Millennials will have no problem passing this quiz on everything 00's to 20's. Test your knowledge of the events and trends of the decades marked by avocado toast and reality TV.

The Backpack Kid was known for doing what dance?
A Twerk                 B Nae Nae                        C Floss                                      D Dab

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