Sure to rise Edmonds story

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Edmonds is one of New Zealand's best-known brands - its radiant sun and 'Sure to Rise' promise have embellished baking powder labels and the much-loved Edmonds Cookery Book for over a hundred years, and are now embedded in our popular culture. 

The man behind the company, Thomas Edmonds, came to New Zealand with his wife Jane in 1879. While running a modest grocery store in Christchurch, he expanded into making baking powder. As his most famous product took off, he built new premises, the last of them the Art Deco Factory with its nationally admired gardens. Thomas embraced new advertising and marketing techniques and ensured progressive working conditions for his loyal staff. A generous benefactor, he gave his city some of its landmark buildings.

This is the story of a man from humble beginnings who, thanks to hard work, creativity and persistence, and with considerable support from his wife, created an iconic business. Richly illustrated, Sure To Rise, us a fascinating slice of New Zealand's social and culinary history.

Hard Cover Book
22cm x 26cm

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