Tea Towel: Nawrap Binchotan / Linen

  • $2400

Natural Binchotan Charcoal -

The Natural Tea Towels are made of 100% natural materials, with absolutely no dyes or chemicals used during production. Their textured surface allows for better cleaning power, and the persimmon and binchotan variations are naturally antibacterial and anti-odor.

  • Soak in hot water before first use to remove starch coating.
  • Fabric will become incredibly soft once coating is removed.
  • Wash in machine or by hand.
  • Do not use in the laundry dryer.
  • Bleaching is not recommended,
  • If required, please use oxygen bleach.
  • Fabric may slightly shrink after washing.

Size: 35cm x 70cm
Materials: 65% Rayon | 35% Cotton
Made in Japan


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