Garden journal

  • $5000

The story of your garden is about to begin...

Chronicling your garden activities, your wishes and wants, and your successes and challenges has never been more beautiful. In the pages of this gorgeous, heirloom-quality garden journal, you'll find places to record plant and seed inventories, weather events, planting and harvesting schedules, seasonal to-dos, and so much more.

There are pages to map out your plantings, track tool maintenance, and record notes on plant performance. In addition to daily logs for five years in the garden, you'll find author Linda Vater has sprinkled in a good measure of growing advice, informational charts, and inspirational words of wisdom throughout. It's a classically stylish - and charmingly illustrated - way to record the growth of both the garden and gardener through the course of many seasons.

Hard cover book
20cm x 25cm

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