Kemp House Postcard

  • $200

A hand-tinted photograph of Kemp House in the 1940s taken by local photographer Peter Hardcastle is now available as a postcard. to commemorate Kemp House turning 200 years old in 2022.

Built over a nine month period by Church Missionary Society carpenters Bean, Hall, Fairburn, and Puckey (all with the first name William) using Kauri sourced from Ngati Hine at 'the Kawakawa',  and pitsawn by Maori sawyers, the house was originally built for the Rev. John Butler and finished in March 1822.

Butler departed the Kerikeri Mission Station in 1823 and a succession of missionary families lived in the house until the Kemps, in 1832, moved across the settlement from their first and humbler home into what became known as Kemp House.

Pair the postcard with a set of Carpenter's Pencils as mementos to celebrate the first 200 years of New Zealand/s oldest building. 

148mm x 105mm

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