Milkwood permaculture

  • $5000

What if your habits could create a more meaningful life for you and a better world?

The milkwood permaculture living handbook is your guide to improving your home, health and happiness - and the planet - one simple step at a time. Packed full of practical skills and projects, it's regenerative living for busy people who want to make a positive impact in a world out of balance.

Discover how simple changes to your everyday life can make a big difference. Maybe it's decluttering your home, growing sprouts on your windowsill, connecting your community or taking on a locavore mini-challenge. Maybe it's going waste-free or falling in love with compost.

Inspired by the life-affirming principles of permaculture, all 60 habits will help you reconnect with your ecosystem, save money and celebrate sustainable living. Wherever you start, this book will help you change your lifestyle in small but significant ways - one powerful, practical habit at a time - towards a resilient, abundant life and a hopeful future for all.

Soft cover book
19 x 24 

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