Rona Moon Ko rona mahina

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Rona Moon gets angry with everyone - her brother, her Nana and Papa. Then, one night, she calls the moon stupid!

Next minute she finds herself up on the moon, meeting her ancestor Whaea Rona...

'Everything looks so small from up here,' said Rona.
'I know,' Whaea beamed. 'Even the reason we felt angry seem so little.'

'Hanga nohinohi ana te ao katoa atu i konei,' tā Rona.
'E mea ana koe,' te mene atu a Whaea. 'Kua hanga nohinohi hoki ngā take i pupū ai ō tāua riri.'

This striking book brings the classic myth of Rona and the Moon to the 21st-centuary in English and te reo Maori.

Soft cover book

21cm x 27cm

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