The complete language of herbs

  • $5000

Discover the secret meaning of herbs and their hidden language

Herbs in all their forms have been a source of inspiration and rich meaning for people throughout the ages, from cilantro seeds to the flowers of the pineapple. This extensive compendium provides helpful advice and fun facts such as:

- How you can predict the weather with English Holly
- Why you should sleep with a sprig of Rosemary under your pillow
- What herbs to add to a purifying bath (Thyme and Sweet Marjoram)

Following the outstanding success of The complete language of flowers, S. Theresa Dietz has researched the uses, meanings, and folklore of over 500 herbs and spices from all over the world. Learn the historic and modern uses for the everyday herbs and spices you can use in your cooking, get inspiration for new plants to cultivate in your garden, or simply enjoy learning something new. This beautifully designed book will be a great reference for gardeners, cooks, herbalists, and food enthusiasts alike. 

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