The everyday herbalist

  • $5000

A comprehensive guide to herbs, covering everything you need to know, from how to grow them successfully in your garden to how to use them for health and wellbeing.

The Everyday Herbalist is the essential guide to growing & using herbs in Aotearoa. It contains detailed information on 30 must-have herbs, and usage suggestions for a wide variety of others. 

Learn how to make remedies for a range of ailments;
coughs, colds, allergies, low immunity, nausea, digestive disorders, insomnia, lack of energy, stress and mental health issues.

Gain practical information on how to make teas, tinctures, balms, ointments, poultices and much more.

Find out more about using herbs in the kitchen including pastes, pestos, seasonings and broths.

Get terrific recipes for skin creams, serums, body butters, lip balms and perfumes, and ideas for cleaning: sprays, pastes, bar soap, flowing soap, laundry powder and scented sachets.

This is the ultimate book for anyone interested in herbs. Fully illustrated with identification photos, it is perfect for gardeners or those interested in natural health.

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