Tiny love stories

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My mother told me that relationships are like shoes: "No matter how beautiful they are or how much you love them, if they don't fit, there will be pain with every step. Nobody will know it but you." There was pain in my relationship with my boyfriend of eight years, but I had ignored it. I finally understood the true meaning of my mother's saying when he cheated on me. I don't hate him or the other woman anymore. I took off the shoes and am free.

- Karleen Chiu's Tiny Love Story, "Relationships are like shoes"

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be swept away - in less time than it takes to read this paragraph.

Here are 175 true stories - honest, funny, tender and wise - each as moving as a lyric poem. all told in no more than one hundred words. An electrician lights up a woman's life, a sister longs for her homeless brother, strangers dream of what might have been. Love lost, found and reclaimed. Love that's romantic, familial, platonic and unexpected. Most of all, these stories celebrate love as it exists in real life: a silly remark that leads to a lifetime together, a father who struggles to remember his son, ordinary moments that burn bright.

Hard Cover Book
Dimensions: 17cm x 13.5cm

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