New Zealand And The Sea - Historical Perspectives

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A multi-disciplinary work encompassing history, marine science, archaeology and visual culture, New Zealand and the Sea explores New Zealand's varied relationship with the sea, challenging the conventional view that history unfolds on land.

Leading and emerging scholars highlight the dynamic, ocean-centred history of these islands and their inhabitants, offering fascinating new perspectives on New Zealand's pasts.

As a group of islands in the far south-west Pacific Ocean, New Zealand has a history that is steeped in the sea. Its people have encountered the sea in many different ways: along the coast, in port, on ships, beneath the waves, behind a camera, and in the realm of the imagination. While New Zealanders have continually altered their marine environments, the ocean, too, has influenced their lives.

Fifteen fascinating chapters, including:

  • Finding Tonganui: East Polynesian Seafaring and Migration to New Zealand
  • Over the Ocean Foam: Migrant Voyages from Britain and Ireland
  • Human and Marine Ecosystems: Insights from Large, Remote, Late-settled Islands
  • Māori History is Maritime History; A view from the Bluff
  • Living with the Beach: Representations of the Otago Coast
  • Popular Imagination of the Sea: Magazines of the 1920s and 1930s

Illustrated in both colour and black and white

Soft cover
25cm x 20cm x 2.3cm

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