Rebuilding the Kāinga

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"An understanding of the ways of our tūpuna, coupled with the best of new thinking from New Zealand and abroad, has significant potential for sustainable housing models."

Colonial settlement and the discriminatory policies of successive governments have challenged Māori connections to Whenua and Kāinga. Today, home ownership rates for Māori are well below the national average and Māori are over-represented in the statistics of substandard housing.

Rebuilding the Kāinga charts the recent resurgence of contemporary Papakāinga on Whenua Māori. Reframing Māori housing as a Treaty Issue, Kake envisions a future where Māori are supported to build businesses and affordable homes on Whānau, hapū or Treaty settlement lands. The implications of this approach, kake writes, are transformative. 

Jade Kake 

Soft Cover Book 
11 cm x 18 cm

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